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Monday, April 1, 2013

Veggie Chickens!

Aren't they cute??? These 'Veggie Chickens' are cute, easy to make and tasty too!!
It was Easter Egg hunt party and these made up one of the many treats for the kids. The base is bread with veggie cream cheese, topped with streamed sweet corn, olives for eyes,tomato for nose, strawberry for the tuft and carrots for the feet!!!
1) Cut the bread into circles with cookie cutter.
2) Spread a spoonful of  veggie cream cheese on the bread slice
Veggie cream cheese Recipe:
(Adjust the quantity as per how many slices you want to make.(You will approximately need 1tsp cream cheese per slice)

3) Spread steamed sweet corn kernels on top

4) Place the olive rings, strawberry cut into tufts and carrot slices cut like chicken feet on the slice.
Keep chilled till served.

Oh..what looks like a 'plant in the pot' next to the chicken is actually...a Basket full of  Eggs;) Kiwi slice makes the pot and carrot slices with cream cheese make the eggs!

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