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Monday, September 21, 2009

'Everyday Cooking'-Farmers Market

Ithaca Farmers Market

Had a perfect 'lazy' Sunday.Got up late...didn't cook much...except for the 'Quiche' for the around the world' segment....then went to farmers market.
Ithaca Farmers market is located on the shore of Cayuga lake. Many people come to relax and sit near the water, feed the ducks,play music ... There are boating rides, food stalls, fresh veggies and much more.Its nice to taste the variety of different foods at the stalls..there is Chinese,Vietnamese,Indian,Cambodian,Cuban....baked goods,juices,health foods...you name it..and probably find it there.
We tried these delicious brick oven baked 'flat breads' yesterday.They had it in 3 varieties...
1)southwestern(with corn,black beans and salsa), 2) herb oil and asiago cheese 3) tomato and mozzarella.We tasted the first too.
They were made by thinly rolling out dough which was also hand stretched(the shape was pretty rustic). Then were topped with one of the above combination of toppings,cheese and baked in the brick oven for 3-4 mins.They came out crispy thin, the cheese was bubbling all over the bread and incredibly tasty. Loved em'.
Can't wait to try making them at home myself!
After the delicious lunch, bought some veggies at the stalls. There were these orange banana peppers...which the lady said aren't hot.Planning to stuff those and make some pepper boats/ bhajjis.

All the others will be used in the recipes as and when need.We will see..how they come out!

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